Winter at Mustang Ridge

Winter at Munstang Ridge
Winter at Mustang Ridge
Winter at Mustang Ridge:  Grateful to her twin for keeping Mustang Ridge in the family, Jenny Skye agrees to return
home for a month so her sister can get away.

It is the middle of winter, and only a few year-round staffers, her family, and the animals will be there.
But the globe-trotting videographer is soon in way over her head at the dude ranch dealing with reservations.

Dealing too with her redecorating-obsessed mother, and the town’s hunky new veterinarian.

Despite his adventurous past, Nick Masterson is putting down roots in Mustang Ridge.
When a stray dog, a missing family member, and a snowstorm conspire to throw him and Jenny together,  there is
no denying the blaze of attraction.

But can a relationship that began in the heat of the moment turn into something more for a woman who has
always been eager to put her home town behind her?

About the Author – Jesse Hayworth
Jesse Hayworth is the author of the Mustang Ridge series.
She is a farm girl from way back, complete with tractors and livestock.

Now farmless and driving a Subaru named Roo, Jesse lives on the East Coast with a cranky tabby she rescued
from an auto shop.

Jesse Hayworth is the contemporary romance-writing alter ego of  NYT bestselling paranormal and suspense author
Jessica Andersen.   She loves writing about wide-open spaces, animals, and true love, and she hopes you will
come along for the ride!   Also, she has a beloved husband, who rescued her from

Other books by Jesse Hayworth are:
Coming Home to Mustang Ridge:  Firelight at Mustang Ridge:  Summer at Mustang Ridge:  Harvest at Mustang Ridge:
Sunset at Keyhole Canyon and  Coming Home to Mustang Ridge.

 Quotes on Books:
Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.  –Vera Nazarian
If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Winter at Mustang Ridge

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