Tips To Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Tips To Avoid Winter Weight Gain: I don’t know about you, but with the change of season officially upon us, the slight chill in the air has already got me craving all things wrong for the waistline.

So hoping to break the bad habit of a lifetime, I am going to share with you some tips and tricks I’ve found to help beat the dreaded winter weight gain.

  • Don’t cut back on your daily water intake – although you may feel your body needs less hydration during the winter months this is just not true! Make a concerted effort to continue with your summer water allowance and not substitute it for hot drinks.
  • Try substituting salads for low calorie soups – be it a morning, afternoon or pre-dinner snack a cup of soup is not only delicious and warming but filling too. It will help you keep your main meal portions a healthy size as well as sating any cravings for cheats between meals. Just remember to stick to the lite versions (Knorr does a fantastic range which is approved by Weighless) or alternatively cook up a large homemade vegetable soup batch yourself then portion and freeze for ease.
  • Do NOT stop exercising during winter – easier said than done when it’s nippy and dark but be sure to keep to a strict routine.
  • Avoid high calorie hot drinks – of course treat yourself once in a while to a hot chocolate or malt drink but make sure moderation is your motto. Rather try different flavor teas if the craving strikes.
  • Feel good winter wardrobe – obviously stay warm during the coming months but don’t, whatever you do, frump it! As cozy as your baggy jerseys and sweats feel, they will lull you into a body image ignorance. Snuggly yet still sexy is the key.

Good luck, keep warm and healthy!

Tips To Avoid Winter Weight Gain


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