Terror Alleged Siblings Trial To Begin

Terror Alleged Siblings Trial To Begin: Siblings Ebrahim and Fatima Patel, who were arrested during a raid on 9 July 2016 along side twins Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie in Azaadville on the West Rand, is expected to start in the Kagiso Regional Court.

They were charged with violating the Explosives Act and Firearms Control Act after a stun grenade and 21 rounds of ammunition were allegedly found in their house on the West Rand.

They had been released on R5000.00 bail pending trial after their lawyer, Yousha Tayob, brought an urgent application before the High Court in Johannesburg.

They have allegedly been linked to ISIS , the Islamic State terror group and had also allegedly planned to set off explosives at a US embassy and Jewish institutions in South Africa.

Terror Alleged Siblings Trial To Begin

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