Goldflame honeysuckle

Goldflame honeysuckle
Goldflame honeysuckle
Goldflame honeysuckle:  If you wish to start a hummingbird garden, the honey-sweet fragrance and charming flowers
of the goldflame honeysuckle will definitely get the notice they deserve.

The golden yellow nectar tubes are the enticing part of the flower.
The flowers, like those of the goldflame hybrid, may yield inedible, red fall berries.
The vine retains its red-stemmed, blue-green leaves in mild winter climates.

Goldflame honeysuckle is a semi-evergreen vine useful as a visual screen, ground cover or to provide shade in the home garden.  It quickly climbs any support up to 12 feet in height by wrapping its tendrils around the support.
Red to purple flowers with a gold center adorn the plant.

This vine tolerates most soils, but will grow vigorously in organically rich, consistently moist soil.
Goldflame honeysuckle must be grown in a site with partial to full sun.
With direct sunlight for four or more hours each day.

In spring feed your plant with organic compost. Mulch can be added to the compost tp keep weeds at bay and
to preserve moisture.

This plant is disease resistant, but may on the occasion be threatened by powdery mildew.
Prevent this type of infestation by planting the goldflame in full sun and spacing it for good air circulation.

Wetting the foliage during irrigation kills spores landing on the leaves. Immediately pruning and destroying
infected foliage limits the mildew’s spread.

This twining vine twists and spirals around a supporting plant, trellis, or arbor.
In summer,  goldflame honeysuckle has clusters of fragrant tubular flowers in vibrant pink and yellow that bloom
amid the vines.   Unlike some species of honeysuckle, it is not invasive.

Bear in mind though,  that this  type of vine is sensitive to the amount of water and moisture it receives.
When you first plant your honeysuckle, the plant will need a considerable amount of water to help it grow.
However, by the time summer arrives your vine will only need small amounts of water, even during dry spells.

Planting  a goldflame honeysuckle in your garden is a definite must for relaxation.

Goldflame honeysuckle


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