Echeveria rainbow succulents

Echeveria rainbow succulents
Echeveria rainbow succulents
Echeveria rainbow succulent plants:  First of all,  succulent plants are easy to love. These are the plants for any size rockery in your garden. These plants have moderate growth habits which make them perfect for warm seasons.
These plants grow well both indoors and out.  They look good in containers and on rockeries.

The echeveria rainbow succulent plants come in many varieties of colours, which will provide wonderful tones and texture for mixed beds and pots. This plant stems from thick-leaved rosettes. The leaves are fleshy and have a waxy cuticle on the exterior.

The rainbow succulent is particularly beautiful, due to its everlasting colours of the rainbow.

The echeveria rainbow succulent plant is slow growing and usually does not exceed 12 inches in height or spread.
These plants prefer desert conditions, but will tolerate periods of moisture as long as they are allowed to dry out before applying more water.

Growing echeveria in an unglazed clay pot, which will allow water to evaporate, is ideal.
Otherwise, they need full sun and well drained soil. There are about 145 cultivated varieties of the plants, one of
which is probably right for you.

Growing echeveria rainbow succulents:
These easy little succulents can produce offsets or baby plants by picking just one leaf from a rosette and rooting it, which makes them easy to grow.  Use equal parts of sand , topsoil and compost

Care for echeveria rainbow succulents:
The most important part of good echeveria care is the watering. Do not overwater these plants, or they will die.
Provide moderate amounts of water in the hot, dry season. Let the soil dry out completely before you irrigate again.
Do not leave potted plants in a wet saucer.

When the plant is too wet, it will get root rot. Other issues of concern is the mealy bug.
Place the plants in full sun and mulch around them with gravel or sand to help prevent weeds and conserve moisture.

Protect the plants from freezing temperatures and store potted plants indoors in winter.
Pruning is not required, but you may pinch off damaged growth as needed.

How to use echeveria plants:
Planted in variety, they lend themselves well to group displays.
Potted displays with several varieties or different types of succulents and cacti make attractive additions to the home interior or exterior.

Try to mix and match colours and sizes for unique settings.  Put the larger varieties in the centre   and the shorter types at the edges.  Plant some of these specimens, for a spectacular sight in your garden. You cannot go wrong.

 Echeveria rainbow succulents

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