Dr Who

Dr Who: Apart from making great old people and fantastic Fish & Chips, the Brits have the propensity to create household names in TV Series. To this day I have fond memories of and sayings from such series that remind me of my odd, never boring and often misunderstood heritage.

One of these is of course Dr Who, and thanks to the tenacious British way of keeping all past greats of the nation alive in the minds of the new generation, a new and more modern Dr Who was released in 2005 and is still running.

The story remains the same with the Dr (an alien Time Lord) travelling the universe in the TARDIS, his space ship whose exterior resembles that of a blue Police Box,  saving the day (and often Earth) from devious races and their nefarious plots. He is accompanied by unwitting human companions who add to the charm and awe of the series.

The dialogue is witty and the SciFi is old fashioned enough to be cheesy yet modern enough so as to not be stupid.

If you have yet to try this series out, do yourself one good deed and give it a shot! Also always remember that Bow Ties and Fezzes are cool…

Matt Smith as Dr Who with his new catch phrase.

Dr Who

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