Danish flag feathered poppies

Danish flag feathered poppies
Danish flag feathered poppies
Danish flag feathered poppies:  First of all,   these plants and flowers are also known as Papaver laciniatum Danish flag or Danebrog.  Other common names include feathered poppy and ringed poppy.

In addition,  a Danish flag poppy is an heirloom poppy with frilly scarlet-red petals with a white blotch in the centre.
Furthermore,  the flowers resemble the national flag of Denmark, which has a white cross on a scarlet background.

The Danish flag poppy has been in cultivation since the nineteenth century and is unique by itself and stunning in mass plantings. If these plants are happy in the environment they are in, they will re seed themselves.

Sowing of Danish flag poppy seeds:
Sow seeds outdoors in early spring, or fall in mild winter areas. Sow these seeds on the surface.
Bear in mind these flowers need full sun.  This plant is considered an annual.

A beautiful poppy seed variety, the Danish flag is characterized by its bold color pattern.
This striking flower resembles the national flag of Denmark, giving this poppy somniferum seed variety its name.

Start the poppy seeds for this showy annual with intensely rich red petals.
The petals are frilly and feathered adding greater appeal, and its center has a pure white cross.

Danish flag poppy plants are easy to grow, and they thrive in most gardens.

Finally,  Danish flag poppies are common and are great for inexperienced gardeners.
In conclusion,  also for those gardeners who like low maintainance gardens.

Grow some of these flowers if you wish to wow your neighbours and guests.
These plants also grow well in containers,  which can be both grown indoors and out.

Move your containers to a sun room or patio.   These flowers are spectacular when grown indoors and kept in light.


 Danish flag feathered poppies

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