Badditives:  Identify, recognise and eliminate the most harmful ingredients from your diet you never knew
you consumed every day!   Presently,  the food on our tables is a far cry from what our grandparents ate.

While it may look and taste the same and is often marketed under familiar brand names, our food has slowly
but surely transformed  into something entirely different.

First of all,  how does bread manage to stay so fresh on store shelves for so long?
In addition,  are artificial sweeteners really a healthy substitute for sugar?

Badditives helps you cut through the fog of information overload,  whether you are an experienced label reader or just starting to question what is on on your plate,

Furthermore,  with current, updated research,  Badditives identifies thirteen of the most worrisome ingredients you might be eating and drinking every day.

Learn about:
The commonly used flavour enhancers you should avoid at all costs.

Two synthetic sweeteners that are wreaking havoc on the health of humans in ways ordinary sugar does not.

Artificial colours and preservatives in your child’s diet and how they have been linked directly to ADHD.

Hidden ingredients in most processed foods that were declared safe to consume without ever really being researched.

Hazardous industrial waste product that’s in your food and beverages.

Toxic metal found in processed foods that has been linked to Alzheimer’s.

Invisible meat and seafood ingredient that is more dangerous than “Pink Slime”

In conclusion,  educate yourself, in a toxic world and change what you and your family eat.
Avoid these poisons that are the known causes of our most prevalent health problems.

About the Authors – Linda and Bill Bonvie and James S Turner
Linda and Bill Bonvie are journalists who have spent more than two decades writing about food safety and environmental issues for magazines and newspapers.

They write as co authors of books (Chemical-Free Kids and Chemical-free Kids: The Organic Sequel) and as bloggers
at Food Identity Theft . com, sponsored by Citizens for Health.
They live in New Jersey.

James S. Turner, is a principal in the law firm Swankin & Turner and the board chair of the non profit Citizens for Health.
James  has served as special counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Food, Nutrition, and Health.

He is the author of the landmark 1970 book, The Chemical Feast, co-author of a follow-up book, Making Your Own Baby Food, and, more recently, Voice of the People.  He lives in Washington, DC.


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