Ancient Aliens…?

Ancient Aliens…? Ancient Aliens is a series that has been running on The History Channel for the past 7 years. In short, the series explores the possibility that we were not only visited by Extra Terrestrials in the past, but that it might still be happening. Moreover, more and more controversial aspects are explored: the most prominent of which is that the human race in its current form may be the result of Alien intervention.

The latter challenges not only most religious conceptions, but also evolution theory, which obviously gets a lot of people upset and leads them to dismiss the show as nonsense very quickly. However, having an open mind is important in this day and age, and listening to various viewpoints may help us understand where we came from.

The series presents various pieces of evidence as the episodes roll by – for example, where do the pyramids come from, and why do they look so similar across continents (it is not like the builders could email each other blueprints)? Why are the myths of various cultures so similar? Why does it look like the American Government in particular (but also others, e.g. the Russians) know things that we don’t know about events like Rosswell? Why is human DNA so exact? Looking at one or two pieces of evidence, it may be easy to dismiss…. but looking at it altogether, one starts to question whether these people do not have a point.

Granted. Every now and then they seem to reach a little bit far. But only every now and then.

So. Were we engineered by Aliens thousands of years ago? Perhaps we will never know for sure. or perhaps we will know sooner than we think.

Ancient Aliens…?

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